Healthy Homes Standards – Is your property exempt?

As from 1 July 2021 all new and renewed properties must comply with the Healthy Homes Standards within 90 days.

There are however two general exemptions and one partial exemption that may mean your property could be exempt from having to comply with the standards.

Demolishing or substantially rebuilding the property

Your rental property may NOT need to comply with the Healthy Homes requirements if you intend to either demolish the property or substantially rebuild it.

To meet this exemption you will have to have evidence of the intention to either rebuild or demolish i.e. an application for building consent or resource consent.

If your application for building or resource consent is refused you will then have 90 days to get your property compliant for Healthy Homes. Click here( to find out more about what these standards are.

If your property is sold then leased back to the previous owner-occupier

Your rental property does NOT need to meet the Healthy Homes requirements if it is sold and then immediately lease back to the former owner-occupier.

This exemption will apply to the first 12 months only, after that period you will then have to meet the Healthy Homes requirements.

Partial exemption

Is your property part of a building and you don’t own the entire building (e.g. apartment)?

If your rental property is part of a building e.g. an apartment or in a block of flats your property may be partially exempt from having to comply withthe Healthy Homes Standards if:

  • You need to install something in a part of the building where you aren’t the sole owner e.g. shared corridor
  • You have no access to a part of the property to comply
  • You took all reasonable steps to comply

In all cases if the exemptions cease to apply then you must comply with the Healthy Homes Standards.

Got questions?

If you have any questions about your property being exempt or any questions in general about the Healthy Homes Standards CALL US ON 09 630 2655

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