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rental property meth testing service in Auckland

Should I meth test between tenancies?

Testing for methamphetamine between tenancies is highly recommended so that you have a baseline test to refer to.

The New Zealand Standard 8510:2017 has an allowable level of 1.5 ug/sample for dwellings.

In a perfect world as a landlord you would have your property tested prior to your new tenant moving into your property.

If the result comes back with ‘no methamphetamine detected’ then you have a base to work with.

When the time comes that your tenant moves out a test would be completed again.

Should the test results return a positive test with a high level, then you or your property manager is able to go to the tenancy tribunal with evidence that shows that the property was clean before the tenant moved in and is now contaminated.

Without a test being completed at the beginning of the tenancy, it is impossible to identify which tenant created the contamination. This means that you would not be able to hold your tenant responsible for any contamination as you would be unable to prove that they were responsible.

Most Insurance Companies are paying for decontamination to below 1.5 ug/sample, which is the New Zealand Standard 8510:2017.

Check your Insurance Policy

It is important that you check your insurance policies to see what clauses are there about methamphetamine contamination and ensure that the conditions are meet e.g. three monthly inspections completed by either you or your property manager (for more information about property inspections click here). this does not mean three monthly methamphetamine test.

The insurance process pays for replacing of soft furnishings, curtains, carpets, replacement of stoves etc , if required, and also loss of rent while the property is been put back into a habitable state.

Even if the levels are below 1.5 ug/sample, sometimes that it sufficient for a ruling in the tenancy tribunal for ‘exemplary damages’ for the tenants committing an illegal act, but this can’t be determined if a baseline test hadn’t been done in the first place.

We work with Meth Detect, which is reputable company based in Auckland.

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Keep your rental properties safe from meth contamination.

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