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Knowledge is key

With the market in a constant state of change, keeping up to date with what your property should be renting for is key to maximising the return on your valuable asset.

If you’ve owned your rental property for awhile and are wondering if you are getting market rent or are looking to renovate and wondering what the rent would be, get in touch.

We here at Renthub have many years experience in the rental market and offer expert advice with our rental appraisal service in Auckland..

Thinking of buying an investment property?  

Rental appraisals aren’t just for those that already own an investment property.

If you considering purchasing a property and aren’t sure what the rents are in the area that you are considering buying in, a rental appraisal will give you a good understanding of what the expected return will be.

Contact Renthub on 09 630 2655 for a free rental appraisal to get an accurate picture of the rent for your property.

rental apppraisal service in Auckland from Renthub

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