Why Renthub?

Renthub understands that not everyone is the same, nor do they want the same thing, so we have flexible services to suit.

Our aim is to create harmony between tenants and owners, and to take away your worries, because we’ve got your back!

More great reasons to choose Renthub:

Renthub lettings agent in Auckland guarantee OWL 400

We listen and we personalise our services to meet your needs

We are a standalone company and not part of a real estate company. Our focus is on looking after your property and tenants, not trying to sell your house.

We can list your property on multiple sites, unlike a private owner

There are no hidden surprises or additional costs

We perform thorough tenant background and credit checks including reference checking

We care about people and provide a quality service to everyone we meet

We are friendly, approachable and pride ourselves on honesty and being upfront