Hi, I’m Marina George, the founder of Renthub.

In 2002 I started my property investing journey….

It certainly was an up and down experience with lots of learning about what it took to successfully own rental properties. In 2011 as a result of these experiences, I started a property management business which I successfully grew and went on to sell in 2017.

In this time, we rented over 1800 properties which saw us assist people from all walks of life and fulfil their needs. This business was very much a ‘traditional’ property management business, I sold it because I had a yearning to create some different options for owners.

This has seen the birth of Renthub – a company founded on the knowledge I have gained in the last 15 years in the industry.

At the heart of owning a property is the people. It takes both an owner and a tenant for the experience to be a stress free one. I don’t want to sugar-coat the role of being an owner or a tenant as both bring their challenges, but we will, through our ‘lessons learnt’ offer you a service to make your experience as stress free as possible.

Marina George of Renthub Lettings Agent in Auckland