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Viewing your way to the perfect tenant – 6 vital signs to look for

Let’s dive into the juicy world of tenant viewings.

Picture this:  you have a great property ready to rent but how do you sort the true gem tenants from the just okay or “meh” ones.

Spotting a dream tenant is the key to smooth sailing in the world of property investment. However how do you spot them when faced with a bunch of hopefuls who all are wanting to rent your property?

Pay attention to these signs:

Visual appearance – 

First impressions matter and let’s face it, it’s common practice that we make an assessment about someone within a blink of an eye.  What’s the first thing that hits you when you meet someone new? Yep it’s their appearance. 

And while we’re not advocating for judging a book solely by it’s cover, If their appearance seems a little odd and you have a slightly uneasy feeling about them, this along with an application that’s missing information is your cue to dig a little deeper.  Remember, trust your senses, they rarely let you down.

Well-completed tenancy application

Have they completed all the details in their application or have they left you scratching your head?  Have they provided a cover letter which tells their story and gives you an extra layer of insight?  Are there gaps in their rental history?  Investigate these until you feel comfortable.

Communication skills– 

Pay attention to how they talk and behave. How did they communicate with you when applying for a viewing?  Did they turn up on time?  What sort of questions did they ask at the viewing? 

Watch out for red flags such as rudeness, or asking things that could potentially mean they would be high maintenance tenants which in turn could mean a future challenging relationship.


If they can’t produce ID, such as a drivers license or passport, dig a little deeper to find out why.

Talking and their general behaviour – 

Pay close attention during the tenant viewing.  Are they a bundle of nerves and talking to cover that up or simply wanting to put their best foot forward? Are they justifying why they have three dogs, two cats and a budgie or their not-so-great credit or are they just generally over sharing?

Beware of those who bad mouth their previous landlord or agent, that’s a definite warning sign.

Immediate move-in

If they are in a hurry to move in find out why.  It could be a genuine reason, such as just moving to the area or maybe they’re going through a breakup but get to the bottom of this. 

Bottom line:  When it comes to tenant viewing and selection, trust your instincts, be thorough and dig deep.  Happy hunting!

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