Why do you need Renthub’s flexible property management services?

Why do you need a property manager?

Here are some of the issues that property owners can experience with their tenants:


Damage to the property


Rent Arrears


Drug and alcohol issues


Aggressive and uncooperative tenants


Untidy and messy tenants

So why do you need a property manager?

Well, you have a mortgage to pay right?

Having a property manager takes away the stress of finding a suitable tenant, keeping that tenant and not having to worry about the things listed above.

We want you to focus on the things in life that you love doing, rather than the things that keep you awake at night.

You may think that you will save money if you manage it yourself, right? In the busy lives that we need, time is money and managing a property and tenants takes up a lot of time.

How we are different

Other rental agencies in Auckland can charge a weekly percentage plus, plus, plus.

It’s not uncommon for property management companies to charge a percentage each week to manage the property, and also charge extra for advertising, maintenance, admin fees, statement fees and inspection fees.

When you add all these costs on to the weekly management fee, in reality the cost to have your property managed can reach 15% plus. The hard thing for owners with this is that it makes it really hard to budget as when the monthly rent statement is received there are often numerous additional charges that have been deducted and they often have to top up their account to ensure there are enough funds to cover the mortgage.

We offer a Tenant Finder Service only (Casual Letting)

We offer an Inspection-Only service

Our weekly fee is a fixed price and not percentage based

There are no surprises or additional costs

We are digitally savvy and have made things easy for you to do online

We offer flexible options so that you can choose how you manage your property

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