Renthub and The Challenge from Covid-19

With the uncertainty that has been in the air over the last few months, we have been seeing a lot of Kiwi expats returning home. Due to this there have been people becoming displaced with their changing work and personal circumstances and even property managers having to move back into their homes that are no longer able to give notice under the new legislation. With all of these factors, this has created another less settled market.

Is This For Me?

Short answer, yes! If you have a property that has been unoccupied for longer than you had hoped, then advertising your property with us could be an option for you. This could seem like a large commitment for you. But there is no reason to fear, we have options for short term tenancies. You can rent your space out for 3 to 6 months and then review it again after that time has passed. You can also have the option of securing a tenant for a year and have that stability long term. We respect that each landlord has their own goals and aspirations for their property and are happy to help in meeting them.

If you are looking for an option to get you through these confusing times while the market is unpredictable and at its peak, Renthub can be that option for you to keep your investment safe in the short term.

There is also no need to worry if you are concerned that the quality of your home isn’t enough for the rental market. We use a simple review system to rate both the landlord and tenants to ensure they both meet the certain standard requirements. We specialise in finding tenants for ‘self-managing’ landlords. Remember to check you meet the minimum standards to become a property manager and see the benefits of listing with us.

Switching to Short Term Rents

The majority of the Auckland market is made up of tenants who already have a household of belongings who might prefer an unfurnished property.  An alternative option could be to list your property as either furnished or unfurnished and see what your response is? Having a larger net gives you the option to catch more fish, and in this current market you want to be able to explore every avenue you can. In order to secure a regular income may result in keeping your belongings in a storage unit so you can rent your property out unfurnished. And with that, you have the added bonus of your belongings being in a good condition when the market picks back up and you can get more long-term tenancies.

Bridging the gap between short term stays to long term tenancies doesn’t need to be a hard task. It’s simply a new stone on your investment path.

Want to know how much your property will rent for? Just ask!  Call Marina on 021503664 or email or book a time for a chat!

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