Meet our Tenants

See our all inspiring tenants who enjoy the benefits of renting made easy with us here at Renthub.


image of Ebony Smith

Ebony Smith

Hi I am Ebony and I work in the freight industry in Penrose and my partner is a builder. We are quiet and respectful of others’ privacy - we have been living with grandparents, but now we are looking to move into a rental of our own. 


image of Oscar Norris

Oscar Norris

I am a 19 year old student studying a Bachelor of Design at AUT. I have a passion for arts, sports, and music. I took a gap year last year to work and save whilst also being able to travel Europe, it was something that set my compass straight and taught me a lot of discipline and respect.


placeholder image of Zachary Baldwin

Zachary Baldwin

I am studying psychology and exercise science at Auckland University. I keep active, playing football and swimming several times a week. I am a part time lifeguard in New Windsor.


image of Helen Shadbolt

Helen Shadbolt

Hi, I’m originally from Auckland, and have recently moved back after a three year stint in Christchurch studying. Myself and a friend/colleague (Kelly) are looking for a rental with one or two other people. We are both in our early 30’s, and have been renting individually for about 5 years. We are conscientious, reliable, very clean and tidy, quiet, non-partiers, and we treat any house we live in, not like a rental but our home.


image of Marc Richter

Marc Richter

We are a family of four from Adelaide, Australia. My wife Susan, and I work for a label printing company. We have offices in Auckland and Adelaide. We have two girls age 2 and 6.


image of Ellice Protheroe

Ellice Protheroe

I have lived in Auckland for four years now and I currently work for the Auckland Council. I enjoy being outside, gardening, and spending time with friends and family. I am looking for a place for myself and three other girls. We are all working full time.


image of Christine Price

Christine Price

I am a professional woman looking for a one-bedroom house to rent around the Mount Eden area. I pride myself on being a top-class tenant.